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T&C: No refunds! – Anyone doing chargebacks against us will be reported to their local authorities, which will lead to legal charges. No spamming in-game entities with set kits or items. If you have bought a package, you can still get banned for entity spamming, plus NO REFUNDS. No abusing your given permissions, doing so will get them revoke and potentially banned from our server. You must still follow all server and Discord rules, not doing so, you will get banned, no refunds if so.

PLEASE NOTE: Server store packages are always subject to change at any give time, i.e of permissions, price and details.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: To protect Rusty Designers & our customers we will sometimes require a identity check. We will refund and refuse customers not providing us with a valid form of ID. For more information on our identity checks please contact us at:

Terms of Service “We” as the administration of Rusty Designers do not have to provide you with any refunds in any circumstances of for any reason. Every purchase on this website is final. We may terminate your account or take away anything that buy purchase here for any reason at any time without notice. Any payments that are taken back through PayPal or through cards or any other way that we provide is invalid, as every purchase is final. If you do request a refund or anything that is related to a “refund” we may terminate your account and anyone related to you for that reason. We do not have to provide you with any of the features , permissions or anything that you buy as these payments are counted as donations and we do not have to reward you or give you anything. Any ‘lifetime” ranks mean that you will have your rank for the amount of time that the server is open and available for players.

For any help or extra information please contact us at:

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