Rusty Designers x100000000000 PVP Battlefield Server Commands

/tpr – Gives info on how to use it (TELEPORT)

/home – Shows your homes in a GUI

/env Change your weather or time!!

/Crosshair – edit size, Customise and on or off!

/Bandit – Teleports to Bandit camp

/Outpost – Teleports to Outpost

/spot – Use this to enable spot system marker! – Use that then press E

/fmenu – Pulls up friends menu! trade and tpr easily with friends

/atp Automatic Tp’s to friends, clan members and team members!

/clan – Join, create and leave clans info by doing that command

/team invite (PLAYER NAME) – Invites them to your team

/team promote (PLAYER NAME)  – Promote a player in your team

/team create – Create a team

/playtime – /playtime top – See your playtime and the top!

/cmenu – Little GUI for your clan!

/vote – Vote for the server for rewards!

/discord – code to give to our discord bot to receive rewards!

/kit – Loads of kits to get you in the action of everything!

/tpc – Cancel a teleport

/pm – Private message a player

/remove – Remove your base and foundations tool

/trade – Trade safely with other players

/bgrade – Automatic building upgrading

/report – Report issues and cheaters here also do F7

/info – Info on the server and help

/donate – Donation link to our website

/kdr – Your KDR on our server

/top – The top killing and dying players

/players – Check who’s online

/codelock – Brings up help menu for code/door/locking

/autoauth – Your auto auth settings menu

/countblocks – Counts total base blocks

If you need any help with game issues contact our admins!

/toggleammo – Turn on or off infinite ammo
/mymini – spawn your own minicopter
/nomini – remove your minicopter
/kit (MORE VIP KITS) – extra kits for you vip package
/backpack – extra inventory space
/prod – see who owns the base/building
/handyman – Hires handyman
/sil – Allows URL images on signs
/loadout save – Save your own custom loadout!
/strike – Airstrike info and commands
/spawn – Spawning your own Chinook, RHIB and more!
/turret basic – Convert a turret to a standard rocket turret
/turret aa – Convert a turret to a AA turret
/turret remove – Remove the rocket component from the target turret
If you need any help with game issues contact our admins!