PVP Battlefield Server Rules & Information

Rusty Designers PVP Battlefield is a UK/EU Based Modded Community.

We offer a a Highly Modded PVP Server With many customised plugins for your enjoyment!

Here is our Highly Modded PVP server has to offer!
– Door & lock automatic authorisation
– Player clans! Do /Clan
– Clans menu! do /cmenu (need to be in a clan to do this)
– Homes menu! – do /home
– Automatic code lock entering!
– Spawn set kit.
– Teams invite /team invite (PLAYER) – /team create
– Player reporting feature /report (name) (reason)
– Building/base Removal Tool
– x10000000 loot, resources, gather etc..
– Loads of kits for raiding, resources and loot!
– x1000000000 item / resource stacking
– No need for workbenches
– Discord Rewards! Do /discord in-game (Verify every 24 hours)
– No blueprints, you have it all!
– Teleportation and home! – /TPR /TPB /Home /sethome (..)
– Automatic upgrading
– Quick Smelt
– KD & KDR Leaderboard! Do /KDR or /TOP
– Furnace splitter.
– Player Trading – /trade and /trade accept
– In-game player private message system.
– We also offer server vote rewards! so do start voting!! To vote do /vote in game!
– Always day! (Never dark on this server, Pure battlefield!)
– Custom in-game HUD

– Some swearing is permitted but please respect all players!
– No advertising in chat unless permitted by admins. Any unauthorised advertising in chat will result in a kick or even a ban.
– Don’t spam the chat.
– Toxic or abusive players are not allowed! Abusive or toxic behaviour will result in a ban!
– Respect all admins.
– Listen to admins at all times, ignoring admins will result in a kick or even a ban!
– Racism will result in a ban!
– Cheating will result in permanent ban and will be reported to Facepunch.
– No trash talking in voice chat
– No hate or bullying in voice chat or chat on Discord or game, this will result in a ban!
– We welcome other languages but please if possible keep main chat English!
– Do not be disrespectful to the server or its players or staff
– Don’t share any personal information on chat
– Don’t share any private information on another player without their permission
– Do not spam staff messages, you will get blocked