Welcome to our Rusty Designers!

Rusty Designers has been alive and running since early 2018. We as a business and a server have grown massively, such as growing our team and gaining more players daily. We want to hopefully expand and grow even more, this will take time but we will accomplish it!

Our servers are both hosted in the EU, one of our servers are hosted in the UK, London and the other Paris, France. Our servers are looked after by a team of 20 staff. Who spend their time helping the servers players and maintaining good player relationship.

Our staff are here to help and want to not have to ban or mute players, but if they have to they will warn you then mute – or ban depending on the severity.

We take pride in our servers, we will ban and report cheaters, and abusers. We will not tolerate abusive, toxic players. Any player abusing or not following server rules, please contact a member of server staff, via /report.

Rusty Designers Servers Connection Details:

FUN PVP Battlefield Server: (F1 in-game then paste): client.connect Battlefield.RustyDesigners.net:28015

2x Solo/Duo/Trio Server: (F1 in-game then paste): client.connect 2x.RustyDesigners.net:28166