2x Server Rules and Information

Rusty Designers 2x is a UK/EU Based community.

We offer a SOLO/DUO/TRIO only and community server.

This is a great small community based server for beginners and experienced players alike!

– Our server has 2x gather! This is 2x of Ores, Nodes, Wood, Cloth etc..
– 2x of Loot!
– This is a SOLO/DUO/TRIO only server.
– Weekly wipes (server map) Blueprints monthly wiped Every first Thursday of the new month.
– Quicker furnace smelting!
– 10k Stacking
– Teams invite /team invite (PLAYER) – /team create
– Discord Rewards! Do /discord in-game (Verify every 24 hours)
– Safe trading system! – /trade
– Door & lock automatic authorisation
– In-game player private message system
– Furnace splitter.
– Player clans. Do /clan (MAX 3)
– Clans menu! do /cmenu (need to be in a clan to do this)
– Faster Recycling
– 2x Crafting speeds
– Low server Decay rate! 50% slower at bases decaying.
– We also offer server vote rewards! so do start voting!!
– Quicker night time! Only 5 minutes of night!
– Custom in-game HUD

– Some swearing is permitted but please respect all players!
– No advertising in chat unless permitted by admins. Any unauthorised advertising in chat will result in a kick or even a ban.
– Don’t spam the chat.
– Toxic or abusive players are not allowed! Abusive or toxic behaviour will result in a ban!
– No Griefing! You are allowed to raid bases but not allowed to grief or block entrances. You can raid and remove objects but not block base entrances. The base must be able to be accessed by the owner after the raid. Ignoring this rule will result in a kick or even a ban.
– Maximum groups of 3. This is SOLO/DUO/TRIO ONLY! Breaking this rule will result in a kick out of the server or even a ban.
– Respect all server staff.
– Listen to admins at all times, ignoring admins will result in a kick or even a ban!
– Racism will result in a ban!
– Cheating will result in permanent ban and WILL be reported to Facepunch.
– This is a English chat speaking server. Please speak English in chat.
– No trash talking in voice chat
– No hate or bullying in voice chat or chat on Discord or game, this will result in a ban!
– Do not be disrespectful to the server or its players or staff
– Don’t share any personal information on chat
– Don’t share any private information on another player without their permission
– Do not spam staff messages, you will get blocked