(EU) Rusty Designers 2x Server Commands

/Crosshair – edit size, Customise and on or off!

/clan – Join, create and leave clans info by doing that command

/CMenu – Shows a little GUI for your clans!

/fmenu – Pulls up friends menu! trade and tpr easily with friends

/vote – Vote for the server for rewards!

/discord – code to give to our discord bot to receive rewards!

/info – Server info and help

/sil – Allows URL images on signs

/bgrade – Automatic building upgrading

/codelock – Brings up help menu for code/door/locking

/playtime – /playtime top – See your playtime and the top!

/team invite (PLAYER NAME) – Invites them to your team

/team promote (PLAYER NAME)  – Promote a player in your team

/team create – Create a team


/trade – Safely trade with players

/backpack – extra inventory space

/autoauth – info help

/report – Report issues and cheaters here also do F7

If you need any help with game issues contact our admins!